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    investments with tangible assets that generate passive
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    With Exclusive Oil and Mineral Rights Ownership
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Tangible Assets For Tangible Results

Eckard Enterprises is an alternative investment and asset management firm with over 35 years’ experience in private investing, specializing in mineral rights investing and the energy sector. Our focus is to provide long-term investment opportunities with tangible assets that generate passive income for our investing Partners.

Empowering Investors with
Alternative Investments and Tangible Assets

Eckard Enterprises Offers

38+ Years Of Expertise

Knowledge and experience are the keys to finding the right alternative investment opportunities. Our team has nearly 4 decades of industry expertise, so you can invest with total confidence.

Total Asset Management

You choose your best investments, we’ll do the rest. Our skilled staff manages all acquired assets with in-depth reporting you can conveniently review monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Instant Cash-Flow

Mineral rights investments create an immediate cash-flow that you can benefit from on day one, so you never have to wait decades to reap the benefits of your assets.

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Alternative Investments & Asset Management


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Average Rate of Return Across Our Portfolios

Eckard's Approach to Investing & Asset Management

Our Signature "A.M.L." Formula

At Eckard, we believe that lasting success depends solely on the strength of your investing strategies.

That’s why our signature “A.M.L” approach is a product of our own 35+ years of personal investing, as well as managing assets and advising wealthy investor portfolios in alternative investments and the energy industry. With a fragmented industry void of a centralized market, comes a marketplace rife with equal parts chaos and explosive growth opportunities. This approach to investment opportunities has been at the core of Eckard Enterprises since the very beginning. 

Eckard Enterprises - Team Meeting


Focusing on smaller assets of similar class, characteristics, and market unity helps create a large basket of undervalued assets that fly under the limited radars of “big equity players.” With these “crumbs,” you can build a grouping of assets that steadily moves your financial needle. Consequently, inexperienced mineral owners will sell for even less in a macro market, allowing Eckard to manage and profit from successfully negotiated deals with more favorable terms for our partners.



Think of these undervalued assets as “bags of money seeds”. We acquire under-matured or pre-developed assets that, given proper management, capital for growth, and time, can turn into a value basis worth multiples of what they were originally valued with an average growth period ranging between 48-60 months. This allows for market shifts, maximum tax advantages, reduction of investment basis via cash flow, and increases in value through development. Plant the right seeds, allow them to germinate, and reap a bountiful harvest of financial rewards.



No one wants to sell the racehorse when it’s winning. Our experience has proven that every asset has a reasonable maturity date and once that time comes, the best plan is to sell when the market is ripe for a prudent exit to capture maximum values. This allows us to maximize our hand, minimize financial downsides, and re-capitalize each of our accounts at the beginning of a new opportunity cycle. Slow, steady, and persistent wins the on-going financial race.

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Alternative Investments & Asset Management

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