Troy W. Eckard

BOARD CHAIRMAN | Eckard Enterprises
An energy expert since 1985. I have enjoyed 35 years of investing in and managing assets ranging from oil and gas minerals, leases, seismic acquisitions, salt water disposal wells, pipelines, exploration, production and most activity in upstream and midstream! My passion has been working on behalf of wealthy individuals who desire to directly own energy assets. I've been blessed, challenged, seen major cycles both up and down! Our direction today is to aggregate, maturate and prudently liquidate as we build wealth for our partners and our firm!

Matt Marchiori

CEO | Eckard Enterprises
Matt has an extensive background in energy asset management and related capital projects. As CEO of Eckard Enterprises, Matt’s oil and gas and energy asset management experience covers most major shale basins in the major oil and gas producing states. In addition, Matt serves as President of Royalty Fabrication, LLC, a steel fabrication business that provides the oil and gas upstream and midstream sectors with steel tanks, pressure vessels and other products. He also serves as President of Sky Haulers, LLC, a private transportation and third-party logistics company.

Trevor Harlos

CFO | Eckard Enterprises
Trevor is a distinguished financial professional with a wide breadth of knowledge and skill sets ranging from auditing, cost reduction, real estate production, and oil and gas investing. Trevor has a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from Concordia University Texas, and a dual master’s in finance and accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas. With over seven years of experience in the oil and gas industry with Eckard Enterprises, Trevor is an expert in oil and gas acquisitions, investments, distributions, and every aspect of the cash flow process.

Trevor Eckard

COO | Eckard Enterprises
Trevor oversees engineering at Eckard Enterprises, using his experience in the oil and gas industry to help guide the acquisitions process. The knowledge he has acquired throughout his engineering career provides invaluable insight into the selection of quality oil and gas assets, both through his understanding of operator behavior as well as his technical expertise in reservoir engineering and well completions. Before working for Eckard, Trevor was a Completions Engineer at Comstock Resources, an oil and gas company based in Frisco, Texas.

Ryan Norris

CIO | Eckard Enterprises
As the Chief Information Officer for Eckard Enterprises, Ryan draws on his decade of experience in driving digital innovation and business growth. With a background in IT management and marketing, Ryan orchestrates cutting-edge digital initiatives, leveraging technology to enhance customer connections. Ryan has honed his skills in spearheading strategic initiatives, optimizing sales, and fostering strong client relationships. His passion for business development and technology drives him to excel in forging impactful partnerships and sustainable growth for Eckard and its partners.

Garrett Flowers

VP LAND | Eckard Enterprises
Garrett is a seasoned leader in the energy and land management sectors, boasting over a decade of experience. As Vice President of Land at Eckard Enterprises, he helps guide strategic land acquisitions that maximize profit for Eckard and its partners. With a background in project management and business development analysis, Garrett has a proven track record of delivering results and maximizing opportunities. His tenure at Blue Star Land Services and Chesapeake Energy has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of land operations and business strategy.

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