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From a small South Texas town to the concrete jungle of Dallas, Texas, Troy W. Eckard started his career as an oil and gas broker. Several years later, he became aware of an opportunity that shaped what we now know as Eckard Enterprises, LLC.

Being an investor himself, Mr. Eckard saw an opportunity to partner with like-minded investors (Partners), and work on their behalf, to acquire long-term, and cash-flowing assets.

The company’s roots were built on oil and gas investments, but quickly grew across various industries, such as real estate, water rights, mineral rights, midstream / pipeline sector, and mergers and acquisitions that fit the goals and objectives of the company and its partners.

Mr. Eckard has been involved in more than 3,000 square miles of mineral acres across 7 states, is a principal Partner in Kinetica Partners that owns over 1,800 miles of pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, and has a portfolio of over 300 wells in the continental United States.


35+ Years

Because knowledge is key to finding investment opportunities in the energy industry that provide immediate cash flow.


Asset Management

So you don’t have to. We manage all assets and deliver financial reports, so you can follow everything we do, without wasting time.


Cash Flow

Earn residual income through cash flowing assets, like mineral rights. Our investments are picked with income in mind.


Troy W Eckard

CEO / Manager

Matt Marchiori

Vice President

Ryan Norris

Senior Strategist

Trevor Harlos

VP of Finance

David Day

Business Development Manager

Carmal Ross

Executive Assistant

Amanda Garcia

Human Resources

Garrett Flowers

Land Manager

Tyler Wennet

IRA Business Dev. Manager

Valerie Marchiori

Administrative Coordinator

Devin Meeks

Accounting Analyst

Lindsey Herring

Senior Accountant

Amanda Kay

Retirement Wealth Manager

George Hannah

Business Development

Jess Carney

Business Development

Gilbert Faircloth

Business Development

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