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"Eckard" is
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Eckard Enterprises is a conglomeration of private, family owned firms in the energy space.


You have worked hard for your money and now you have to be selective about where you invest. Eckard Enterprises’ primary objective is to guide our investing partners into solid and successful investment opportunities.


Investors Become Partners

Our investors are our Partners – the firm’s most important asset. We take great care in how we manage your portfolio.


Analyze To Maximize

Staying ahead of a trend means being there before everyone else reads about it, and seeing the full picture while navigating through in-depth data sources.


Not Your Typical Company

Eckard hosts an annual Partner’s conference and numerous events that allow our firm and all of our partners to meet one another, and first-hand see your Eckard investments.

"Passion is the key essential force that drives our success. It determines everything that we think and do."

Troy W. Eckard

Investing in tangible assets

Since 1985

Eckard Enterprises, LLC (“Eckard”) is a family-owned and operated energy asset management firm, focused on the U.S. oil and gas industry. Our managed assets include water rights, oil and gas mineral rights, exploration and production, steel fabrication, natural gas and crude oil pipelines, and other natural resource related opportunities.
Since 1985, Troy W. Eckard has dedicated his entire career to the U.S. energy industry. Eckard has a wealth of knowledge and expertise they offer to private investors who seek to develop a successful energy portfolio. The Eckard Team is tirelessly committed to identifying, acquiring, developing, and maturing various energy related assets for our partners. EE believes that owning tangible energy assets is one of the safest, long-term investment strategies available in today’s investment climate.

A path to success

AML Strategy

Eckard conference in Oklahoma

AML Strategy

Eckard is focused on aggregating, undervalued assets, maturating the assets over time, and liquidating at the right time.

The AML strategy is a product of 35 years of personally investing and managing wealthy investor portfolios in energy. Fragmented industries void of a centralized market creates market chaos, that chaos creates opportunity. This approach to investment opportunities has been at the core of Eckard Enterprises since the beginning.


Focusing on smaller assets of similar class, characteristics, and market unity helps create a large basket of undervalued assets.


Under-matured or underdeveloped assets that are given proper management, capital for growth, and time, can turn those same assets into a value basis worth multiples of what they were originally valued.


No one wants to sell the race horse when it's winning. Troy's experience has shown him that every asset has a reasonable maturity date and once that time comes, the best plan is to sell when the market is ripe for a prudent exit to capture maximum values.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We all have different backgrounds and knowledge, which leads us to investing in the things we know. At Ecakrd, we help investors with or without knowledge of the energy industry to build a strong portfolio.

What do we offer?

different types of investment categories

Eckard focuses on different types of sectors in the energy industry. From mineral rights, to oil and gas well direct ownership, pipeline ventures, and fabrication services.

Mineral Rights

Eckard Land and Acquisition LLC ("ELA") buys, leases and sells mineral rights. ELA owns minerals leased by major publicly traded oil companies.

Oil and Gas Wells

Eckard Global and Eckard Exploration and Production are participating in working interest drilling and production projects.


FSH Midstream is one of four owners of a major natural gas pipeline company situated with assets in the Gulf of Mexico.


Royalty Fabrication, a steel fabrication facility, is providing services to the oil and gas field, and increased exposure in the industry.
Troy W. Eckard
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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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Troy W. Eckard

Troy W. Eckard

CEO & Manager
Matt Marchiori | President at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

Matt marchiori

Ryan Norris | VP, Digital Strategy at Eckard Enterprises, LLC


VP, Digital Stategy
Trevor Harlos | VP, Finance at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

Trevor Harlos

VP, Finance
David Day | VP, Business Development at Eckard Enterprises, LLC


VP, Business Development
George Grunau | Geologist & Geophysicist at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

George Grunau

Geologist & Geophysicist

Trevor Eckard

Director, Operations
Garrett Flowers | Land Manager at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

Garrett Flowers

Land Manager
Valerie Marchiori | Comliance Manager at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

Valerie Marchiori

Compliance Manager
Zach Sommer | Controller at Eckard Enterprises, LLC


Morganne 500x500

Morganne Richerson

Associate Landman
Suzanne 500x500

Suzanne Bay

Associate Landman
Carmal Ross | Executive Assistant at Eckard Enterprises, LLC


Executive Assistant
Amanda Garcia | Director of Human Resources at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

Amanda Garcia

Director of Human Resources
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Accounting Analyst

Lindsey Herring

Senior Accountant
Amanda Kay | Senior Wealth Management at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

Amanda Kay

Senior Wealth Management
James Minotto | Wealth Mgt Specialist​ at Eckard Enterprises LLC

James Minotto

Wealth Mgt Specialist
Sharon 500x500

Sharon White

Wealth Manager
Sydney 500x500

Sydney Sheridan

Digital Marketing Assistant
George Hannah | Senior Wealth Management at Eckard Enterprises, LLC

George Hannah

Senior Wealth Management

Important things you should know

Questions And Answers

We host an annual conference, inviting all our Partners to meet and greet, discuss projects, review new opportunities together, and enjoy each other’s company. Eckard also invests side-by-side with his Partners in each venture.

You must be an accredited investor (net worth over $1 million, excluding your homestead). After providing general investment criteria, we’ll be able to match you to investment opportunities offered by Eckard. We recommentd talking with your financial advisor before investing.

Yes, we offer ways for you to invest via your Self-Directed IRA. If you would like to know more, please contact us, and we can provide you a complete review. You can also get more information here.

Eckard focuses on tangible assets such as mineral rights, oil and gas drilling, pipeline investments, and real estate. Most of what we do is energy related investments.

We seek investors who want to place $250,000 to $1,000,000 per year in energy. Most of our Partners started off their first investment with as little as $25,000. Nevertheless, we don’t set your comfort level. You do. We welcome new energy investors.

Most of our investments are direct ownership. What you buy you own directly. Eckard manages and oversees your investments and reports to you about the investment.

We also structure Funds (debt and equity) that provide you ownership interest in its operations.