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Why Minerals?

Mineral rights are like real estate
without bills

Real Property

Mineral ownership is an investment into "real" property, like real estate.

No Drilling Cost

Mineral owners pay ZERO expenses and take ZERO drilling liability

You Are Paid First

Mineral owners are royalty owners and paid first before anyone else.

Monthly Checks

Oil and gas sales are distributed monthly to all mineral owners.

Booked Reserves

Oil and gas is trapped in several layers below surface.

Multiple Wells

Modern technology has lowered drilling risk, and increased returns.

united states oil and gas shale basin map

Oil and Gas Minerals

Eckard land and Acquisition (“Eckard”) is acquiring mineral rights in oil and gas shale basins that are drilled and operated by major exploration and production companies such as Exxon Mobil (XTO Energy), Continental Resources, Ovintiv, Marathon Oil, and others.

Producing wells

Major Operators

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