Are Mineral Rights a Good Investment?

By investing in mineral rights, you can receive greater returns on your real estate investments than just equity appreciation. Mineral rights to oil, coal, natural gas, or other valuable natural resources can substantially boost your investment portfolio as labor-free sources of revenue or passive income. However, investing in mineral rights is not a simple as […]

Why The Oil & Gas Industry Is Here to Stay

Oil and gas are fundamental to the U.S. and global economy, as well as to consumers’ day-to-day lives. After 2020, it’s easy to feel skittish about investing in oil and gas, especially when some pretty loud voices are persistently saying that we’re now ushering in the era of green energy.  Sure, green energy is great […]

How Are Mineral Rights Taxed?

Almost every income increase in this country is taxable, and profits from mineral rights are no exception. So whether you receive cash from selling your mineral rights or income from the leasing agreements, understanding how material rights are taxed can help you make the best decisions for your financial investment health.  Key Takeaways: Know how […]

Cryptocurrency, Electric Vehicles, and Going Green: What Does It Mean For Oil and Gas?

Many people see that increased demand for electric vehicles, cryptocurrencies, and going “green” would negatively impact the oil and gas industry. But how will it all impact the fossil fuel sector?  Let’s dive in to find out what the rise in new technologies like blockchain and electric vehicles means for the energy sector. Key Takeaways: […]

What The Texas Drought Means For Oil and Gas Investments

The fact that Texas is stuck in a cycle of drought and occasional floods is old news. Yet, there is a distinct relationship between the Texas drought and the oil and gas industry. Because water used in shale exploration comes from local water sources, we want to talk about the impact of drought on Texas […]

Inflation, Inflation, Inflation: How It Will Affect the Energy Sector

The US inflation rate is on the rise—and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. In June, the U.S. Federal Reserve’s primary measure for inflation, the core price index for personal consumption measures, had increased 3.1% over the prior year, which is well above the 2% long-term target that the central […]

Mineral Rights vs. Surface Rights: What’s The Difference?

Imagine you buy a piece of land. It’s a beautiful property out in the country. And it just so happens that it’s also sitting on top of huge oil reserves. You think, Great news! I’ll be rich! Now what? Wait, what are mineral rights, what are surface rights, and what’s the difference between them? Not so […]

What Our Hot Housing Market Means for Energy Investors

Under normal circumstances, historically low borrowing costs, rising home prices, and high buyer demand would be a cause to celebrate in the real estate world, but low inventory and supply chain problems have hindered the hot U.S. housing market with declining home sales. The resulting fall-out is causing a drag on the GDP and creating pressures […]

What Exactly Are Mineral Rights?

The United States government is trying hard to compete with other nations like China on the manufacturing, energy, mineral, and technology front. In June the Senate approved a $250 billion bill to boost government spending on technology research and development. This bill includes spending to dig up and process critical minerals here in the U.S. […]

How To Buy Mineral Rights

How to buy mineral rights

With the oil and gas industry being in a state of flux, you may be considering buying mineral rights as a way of profiting on the next upswing in the energy market.  While adjustments in the industry have provided some potentially profitable opportunities, investing in an undervalued market comes with inherent risks. Plenty of proper […]