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Whether it's in-person or online, Eckard events offer you engaging and educational experiences to further your investment knowledge.


Eckard Investor Dinners are held regularly for Eckard Partners and special guests. These dinners cover a wide range of discussions from current economic conditions to new Eckard investment opportunities.

If you are interested in attending or hosting an investor dinner in your area, click the button below to learn more about becoming an Eckard Partner.


Field trips allow participants to visit with Eckard Staff and other Partners on location at well sites featured in our Mineral packages. 

Join us for an upcoming field trip where we will visit well locations that are featured in our Mineral packages.

Typical Itinerary:

Arrival, Hotel Check-In, and dinner.

Breakfast at the hotel. Load up on to buses for a half day field trip to select well sites and drilling locations.  

Wrap up, Hotel check-out, and departure


Eckard has a couple of podcasts for you to stay up to date with.

Looking for info on the energy sector? Follow Troy W. Eckard’s Energy Talk with the Texan on your preferred podcast platform.

Like to stay up to date on the economy and market? Talk with the Texan – Money & Life is the perfect podcast for your drive into work.


Energy Talk with the Texan - Podcast - Eckard Events

Energy Talk With The Texan

Energy Talk with the Texan, a podcast that covers topics in the oil and gas industry. Brace yourself - Troy W. Eckard (host) tells it like it is. This podcast will have you stay tuned with direct investments in oil and gas wells, mineral rights, oil and gas service companies, and more. Understand what drilling is all about, and why many private investors "dig deep below the surface" for tax deductions, and building an energy portfolio.

Talk with the Texan: Money & Life - Podcast - Eckard Events

Talk With The Texan - Money & Life

Blunt, bold, and a no-nonsense podcast. The show is for listeners who are millionaires or those who aspire to be wealthy. Troy created “Talk with the Texan: Money and Life” to educate, challenge and invoke ideas about building generational wealth, for you and your family, and improve your own status by learning from others. Each episode is thought provoking, entertaining, and down to business. It is not all about investing. Troy will share stories about his scares, cover personal challenges, and the mindset that carries him throughout the road to success.

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As a hands-on company, we utilize Eckard events and webinars to stay connected both professionally and personally with every last one of our investors and Partners.

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Why the oil and gas industry is here to stay

Looking for more Insights?

Why are Oil & Gas Companies Not Drilling More?

With rising prices in the market, why are oil and gas companies not drilling more? Troy W. Eckard breaks down the various factors.

Hydrocarbons and the Future of Energy Consumption

What's the future of hydrocarbons demand with all the buzz around electric vehicles, solar, and wind energy.

Market Update - July 5th, 2022

Tuesday update, following holiday weekend. Discussing what's taking place in Troy W. Eckard's view on the stock market and commodity pricing.

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