Get Personal with Your Portfolio at Our Annual Investment Conference, Just for Partners

Our Exclusive Partner Conference is an investment conference like no other. It's designed to Connect, Empower, and Inspire our Investing Community.

Each and every year, Eckard hosts an action-packed investing conference for all Partners to join forces and dive into their alternative investments. Our team selects a new city each year, giving our investors a chance to explore our great nation while getting down to business. From excursions to cocktail parties, live music, and in-depth roundtable sessions. The Eckard Partner Conference is action-packed and educational for all that attend.

"Tangible Assets For Tangible Results."

Troy W. Eckard

CEO & Manager, Eckard Enterprises

Partner Conference 2023 | San Antonio, Texas

Is the Eckard Partner Conference
Right for You?

We Welcome All


Investors interested in learning more about the energy market and looking into ways to have direct ownership in the best alternative investments.


Firms that are always exploring alternative investments, and finding opportunities that match a like-minded group.


Eckard partners are the V.I.Ps of this exclusive industry event and are guaranteed to leave with a richer understanding of their own existing assets.

See What You Can Do at Our Next Investment Conference

Engaging, Educational, and Entertaining

Join us at our next Partner Conference and experience for yourself.

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Why Attend One of Our Conferences?


There’s no substitute for authentic human connection. Eckard has always been engaging and hands-on. This is one of the many reasons why we like tangible assets. Join us at an investing conference and get to know the team that stands behind each and every one of your investments with pride.


Our conference packs such a powerful punch of fun and education, you might not even realize how much you’re learning. We cover the energy industry, other alternative investments, and collaborate with outside speakers to provide our partners with what’s relevant today.


When we mention fun, we mean it. The conference location may dictate activities in and around the area, but we always find something memorable and exciting to do! From stellar museum tours, to fishing trips, even operating large Caterpillar machinery in a grown-up's sandbox - we always have a good time! Join us for our next adventure.

Building Connections

It’s not all about us. In fact, this conference is all about you. We don’t claim to be a matchmaker, but our investment conferences have resulted in some great long-term business relationships and lifelong friendships. There's just something special about being at the Eckard Partner Conference.

Breakout Session

Our conference has an abundance of live presentations that will provide you with the information and resources to better understand the energy industry, your own investments, and investment options. The “cherry-on-top” are our breakout sessions. We devote time to dive into specific subject matters and ensure all of your burning questions get answered.

Something New

It’s no secret, our conference comes with some awesome perks. Past Eckard conferences have included auctioning items off like golf memorabilia or art, while donating the proceeds to a charity either close to our heart or one of our Partner's. We've even auctioned mineral acres and had Partners win one free and clear. With Eckard, expect the unexpected.