Eckard Offers Alternative Investments & Tangible Assets

Our primary goal is to find the right alternative investments and assets for our investing Partners. We work closely with you to ensure your investment strategy, portfolio, or retirement fund meet your expectations.

Investing with Eckard Enterprises - Alternative Investments

Qualifications - Minimum Requirements

Accredited & Sophisticated

You must have an income exceeding $200,000 individually (or joint income exceeding $300,000). You also must have a reasonable expectation of making the same income level in the current year. Alternatively, you need a net worth that exceeds $1 million, excluding the value of your primary residence, at the time of purchase.

Wanting Tangible Assets

We do not sell stocks or ownership in our company. We are a privately-owned, family firm that offers high-net-worth investors an opportunity to participate in various alternative investments. You need to decide if you want long-term investments and whether energy and real estate is a good mix in your investment portfolio.

Perks of Becoming an Eckard Partner

Direct Ownership

Access to and direct ownership of tangible assets. We're a family-owned company that finds and puts together alternative investment opportunities for our Partners.

First Right of Refusal

Early access to all Eckard investment opportunities. Our investments have set amounts and sometimes there is not enough for all. Becoming a Partner will enable you to have a first look at what we offer. Be the first to know!

Full Access to Resources

We publish a lot of educational content - something that will remain available to all. As a Partner you have access to more resources than are publicly available. These resources offer insight into investment strategies, market movements, and in-depth education on energy investments, commercial and residential real estate investments, as well as other alternative investment opportunities.

Conference Perks

We host an annual conference to get together, discuss investment opportunities and strategies, while enjoying a great getaway in a fun location. We set aside a limited number of paid rooms and accommodations for these conferences. As a Partner you are 'first in line' to secure your spot!

Alternative Investments & Tangible Assets

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Learn More About Alternative Investments

Did you know there are several ways you can invest in mineral rights? 

Mineral Rights

Learn how investing in mineral rights can earn you passive income, royalties, and lease bonuses, all with no drilling liability. And tangible assets you can pass down to your family.

Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

Investing with a SDIRA and mineral rights diversifies your investment strategy and gives you flexibility in how you invest. Investing with a self-directed IRA and mineral rights diversifies your investment strategy and gives you flexibility in how you invest.