Oil And Gas Investments With Eckard

Learn how investing in oil and gas wells can earn you passive income!

Looking for a good investment with tax benefits or working interest? Or just want to learn how to invest in oil and gas wells? Eckard has you covered.

Why Investors Choose Oil and Gas Investments?

Tax Benefits. Hedge against inflation. High rates of return.

Tax Benefits

Tax-advantaged yield due to depreciation and depletion allowances. Depending on tax codes, there may be special tax credits applicable. Consult with your advisor for your specific situation.

Hedge Against Inflation

Oil and gas prices and inflation can move in tandem, which means the Working Interest Drilling net income may as well. Investments in oil and gas wells can be an inflation safe investment.

High Rates of Return

Future price appreciation of oil and gas prices and inflation can move in tandem, which means the Working Interest Drilling net.

What Eckard Offers in Working Interest &
Oil and Gas Drilling Investments

High-ticket energy industry properties that can be yours in just a few simple steps.

Completely reinvigorating your existing portfolio without having to invest any additional funds.

Unlimited “swap” options that keep you and your investments one step ahead of the game.

Enhanced profitability enjoyed by the world’s leading real estate tycoons, now available exclusively to you.

...and the confidence of knowing that your assets are always working in your best interest.

Investing In Oil & Gas Wells With Eckard

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What's the Difference?
Working Interest vs Royalty

There are two types of ownership in oil and gas exploration and production. Investors can choose to participate in a working interest investment, to own minerals, or to do both.

Working Interest vs Mineral Ownership

There are benefits to having different types of alternative investments. It's good to understand the value of both oil and gas working interest and mineral ownership.

Mineral Rights

Owning mineral rights has several benefits - royalties, lease bonuses, passive income, and tangible assets you can pass down to your family.